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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject Re: litmus results for simple webdav server (rev. 293331)
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 16:36:44 GMT
hi stefano

> [...] 
> I'm sure the authors of litmus would be very happy to hear from you 
> about that (unfortunately, there are not so many webdav servers out 
> there and even less that care about testing enough to pass it).

that's stated in the TODO that is shipped with litmus 0.10.3:
litmus should respect errors embedded in the multistatus response.

i would not dare to say, there is a bug in litmus :))

in other words: litmus is happy with a slightly modified code,
that returns an error instead of a multistatus with the error
embedded. and if this turns out to be an issue with any
client, we can easily change this.

> Also, what would be cool, IMO, is to automate the tests (say a cron job 
> somewhere, we could even ask for a jackrabbit zone here in apache) and 
> then send email here on the list if the diff between the previous run 
> and the current run is different than zero, so that we can follow the 
> progress on the resolution of the locking issues (which are critical in 
> using a JCR repository as a MacOSX dav disk).

there are two things left (as far as i remember)

- shared locks not implemented: i didn't consider this
   a critical issue so far.
- refresh of jcr locks fails. this is reported in JCR-226.
   i quickly discussed it with dominique last friday and got
   the impression, that this is not a huge thing to fix.

nevertheless i would be glad if i get informed as soon
as i break something :)

kind regards

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