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From Angela Schreiber <anch...@day.com>
Subject rev 293331: latest changes in contrib jcr-server (summary)
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2005 13:24:33 GMT

with revision 293331 the following issues have been
addressed within the jcr-server contribution:

1) JCR 184 - Simple Webdav: jcr-encoding for resource names

as stated in the jira issue, i could not find an
satifying way to introduce an encoding of uris
containing characters invalid in jcr.

nevertheless i modified the code in order to have separate
usage of dav 'resourcepath' and jcr 'itempath' throughout
the project. in addition DavResourceLocator provides a method 
getJcrPath(). a new locator can be created from a jcr item path
using an additional method with the factory.

2) JCR-193 - MultiStatus response for PROPPATCH

modification in DavResource interface. alterProperties
now returns a MultiStatusResponse instead of void.
adjusted implementations and AbstractWebdavServlet

note: PROPPATCH now always returns a MultiStatus response
(except for bad requests). it's a known issue with 'litmus'
that it does not properly recognizes errors within the 217
response. if it turns out to be a problem with other clients,
this could easily be changed (returning an error status).

3) JCR-216 - hrefs in dav responses should be url-escaped

DavResourceLocator.getHref() must return a properly
escaped string > adjusted implementations and javadoc.

for consistency reasons the resource path is not unescaped
in the webdav request any more. however, the factory takes
care of this, when building a new locator from a href.

4) JCR-203 - set jcr:encoding when importing files

according to patch provided by brian

5) 0000 - simple: 'resource-filter' -> 'resource-config'

the optional resource-filter parameter for the simple-server
been replaced by 'resource-config'. the filter definitions
are now part of this configuration. in addition the config
allows to define which nodetypes represent collections
(or noncollections respectively). consequently the hard-
coded distinction in DavResourceImpl has been removed.

6) Various fixes in simple-server

- missing return value in simple/LocatorFactoryImpl
- dealing with default namespace present in PROPPATCH body
- remove usage of item.getName() for the displayname. tests
   revealed that this caused problems if same-name-siblings
   are present.
- avoid invalid dav-property names (ISO9075-encoding/decoding
   of jcr-properties that are reflected as dav properties).
- if underlaying node is not mix:lockable, make an attempt
   to add this mixin-type (thus, use jcr locks whenever possible)
- locktokens present in the header where not added/removed
   to/from the session.
- remove usage of DavResourceImpl instead of interface inside
- remove double Cache-Control, Pragma header (SimpleWebdavServlet)

7) Various fixes in jcr-server

- protection of jcr-defined properties that cannot be
   altered by PROPPATCH.
- include list of resources that could not be merged into
   the MERGE response.

8) Various fixes

- WebdavRequestImpl: missing check for null in getStrongETag
- WebdavResponse: improve method naming
- AbstractWebdavServlet: removed todo within lock related to
   strong etags and adjust code.
- javadoc issues


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