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From Jukka Zitting <ju...@zitting.name>
Subject Re: Preparing for 1.0
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2005 16:58:39 GMT

Edgar Poce wrote:
> Regarding the contrib projects I think that the first thing to do is 
> to rename the folder to sandbox and promote the candidates to be 
> included in the release, I think that jcr-rmi and textfilters should 
> be included.

Agreed. In addition to jcr-rmi and textfilters I think we should consider also
the jdbc pm, the jca connector, the webdav layer and jcr-server.

> We could also update the site and svn tree to something like
> /jackrabbit (or ri or impl)
> /subprojects (or ???)
> /sandbox
> If there's consensus I volunteer to play with the multiproject maven 
> plugin and try to get a nice site out of it.

After experimenting with multiproject in the summer I believe it would 
be easier
and cleaner to work with one main project and use subprojects only when
necessary. It seems like the multiproject model makes best sense for projects
like Maven that contain a large number of independent components that share a
common code and documentation layout.

I'd also prefer having all the released stuff contained in one 
directory so that
it'll be easy and clean to eventually just copy that into the JACKRABBIT_1_0
tag. We should therefore probably move the graduated contrib projects to the
existing modules directory. Some of the contribs (like db-persistence and
textfilters) wouldn't even need their own module directories as they should be
fully integrated with Jackrabbit. Other modules could either keep their
separate source trees or get their code moved within the main source tree and
use a mechanism like the commons module to optionally build an independent jar


Jukka Zitting

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