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From "McComsey, Doug" <Doug.Mccom...@ca.com>
Subject Possible bug in TCK test WorkspaceCloneReferenceableTest.testCloneNodesRemoveExistingFalse
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2005 19:28:38 GMT
I think I found a bug in WorkspaceCloneReferenceableTest.testCloneNodesRemoveExistingFalse
but I would like a second opinion.

When I run the test I fail with an ItemExistsException on the first clone statement, as follows.

public void testCloneNodesRemoveExistingFalse() throws RepositoryException {
    // add mixin referenceable to node1

    // clone a node from default workspace to have the same uuid on second workspace
    workspaceW2.clone(workspace.getName(), node1.getPath(), testRootNodeW2.getPath() + "/"
+ nodeName2, false);
*** I fail on the above

    // clone node1 from default workspace to second workspace
    try {
        workspaceW2.clone(workspace.getName(), node1.getPath(), testRootNodeW2.getPath() +
"/" + nodeName3, false);
        fail("If removeExisting is false then a UUID collision should throw a ItemExistsException");
    } catch (ItemExistsException e) {
        // successful

Upon examination I notice that node1 and node2 are created in both workspaces by the setUp
code. Therefore, I would expect the first clone to fail.

1. Am I seeing this correctly? 
2. Does the test have a bug? 
3. Should the first clone be removed since it appears to have already been done?

Doug McComsey
Computer Associates

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