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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit Performance
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 10:36:39 GMT
Hi Daniel,

I'll try to answer some of your questions.

Daniel Hagen wrote:
> The application might have to handle ~ 2000 - 5000 new documents/day (size
> ranging from 2kb to 1 mb, I assume an average of ~50 KB). 
> Each document will have about 5 - 10 simple text properties and the "binary"
> content of the documents (plain text/HTML/MS Word/PDF) will have to be
> indexed for a fulltext search.
> Read access to the contents will not be very frequent, I am assuming 5
> requests for the mentionened simple properties of a node per minute, 5
> concurrent users, access to binary contents will propably appear once every
> minute.
> In short: The application will have to be able to do a fulltext search on
> (worst case) more than 10,000,000 contents and will have to handle creation
> of new contents without stalling the server.

regarding concurrency, this is not a problem. Jackrabbit is able to 
handle queries and workspace modifications concurrently.

regarding the volume of content: this more or less depends on how well 
lucene scales. and it seems that it does quite well. The lucene website 
probably has some information on this topic.

> Are there any special hardware considerations I should think about (e.g.
> separating index and storage on separate discs using separate controllers
> ...)?

this will definitively help increase performance.


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