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From Marcin Cenkier <marcin.cenk...@cognifide.com>
Subject Re: transaction implementation
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 10:44:58 GMT
Hello Costin,

>>Why don't you use JOTM and enlist XAResource in it?
> There are two TMs - one local and one global. The difference between
> them is that the localTM is a lightweight approach which you
> can/should use when you don't want your transaction to be part of the
> JTA. It's basically just an option which you can use.
> The second TM enlists the transaction wiht the JTA transaction
> manager(like JOTM). At first I tried to use JOTM from the beginning
> but it's a singleton - one instance per VM so basically if you want
> your repozitory to use local transactions inside an app server or
> along JOTM you can't.

Yes, but when you run inside Tomcat, it's the only way :> I'd see this 
resolved the way that TM is set in Spring configurtion and its either 
JOTM or some TM taken from JNDI or something totally different... So you 
can enlist resources in your favorote TM just by using JTA API - then 
you don't have to create dummy Xid but relay on external TM 
implementation. Or am I missing something?

Marcin Cenkier

Could you set up some read only cvs to let more people review your work? 
I'm very curious about it and can't stand waiting :-)

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