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From David Caruana <da...@caruana.co.uk>
Subject Bug in NodeReadMethodsTest?
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2005 17:50:32 GMT
The testGetIndex() test searches for a node with same name siblings 
somewhere in the repository. It seems it will only find that node, if:

1) The node is the one identified by the test config value 
2) Its first child is one of the same name siblings

It's possible that people may be mislead in that they believe the test 
has passed, but in fact, their same name siblings were never found.

The method locateNodeWithSameNameSiblings(Node node) within 
NodeReadMethodsTest.java looks like the culprit:

1011          } else {
1012              Node returnedNode = locateNodeWithSameNameSiblings(n);
1013              if (n != null) {
1014                 return returnedNode;
1015              }
1016           }

line 1013 should be if (returnedNode != null) {

Changing to the above has allowed me to execute the test without messing 
around with my test data.

I assume this is the place to report this kind of problem.

David Caruana

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