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From David Caruana <da...@caruana.co.uk>
Subject Re: TCK Test Data
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 08:46:49 GMT
Thanks Marcel,

Yes, I have found the JackRabbit test init code and am using that as a 
basis - as well as stepping through the api tests to see what 
interaction is taking place with the JCR api.

It seems a little odd that the property tests (e.g. BooleanPropertyTest, 
DatePropertyTest) all pass when the repository does not contain a 
property of the expected type - is that correct? I'm executing within 
Eclipse, not the tck webapp.  Of course, every implementation will have 
varying support but if I understand correctly, you could essentially 
pass a host of property tests without a single call to the repository to 
get a value.


Marcel Reutegger wrote:

> Hi David,
> If you look at the default configuration of the tck-webapp, which 
> basically targets test runs on jackrabbit, you can see that level 1 
> tests are all performed on the /testdata tree. Of course you can 
> change this configuration to something that better suits your 
> repository or make sure that /testdata contains enough nodes in order 
> to run the test cases.
> What data you have to place under that node is actually quite simple. 
> Whatever your repository supports should be made visible. E.g. if your 
> implementation supports same name siblings, create a node with same 
> name siblings somewhere under /testdata.
> You may also look at the init test cases in jackrabbit as a starting 
> point. That's in: core/src/test/org/apache/jackrabbit/init
> Jackrabbit executes those test cases first to prefill the repository 
> before any other test cases run.
> regards
>  marcel
> David Caruana wrote:
>> I would like to bootstrap my implementation of JCR with the test data 
>> required for the TCK.  However, it's taking more time than necessary 
>> to determine what the test data should be.  Is there any 
>> documentation that tells me the nodes, properties, values etc I 
>> should create for the TCK tests.  For now, I only have level 1 api 
>> support, but can easily create the data through my own means, if I 
>> knew what it should it be.

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