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From "Daniel Hagen" <dha...@h1-software.de>
Subject Jackrabbit Performance
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2005 13:39:08 GMT

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask my questions but I do not know
where else I should ask.

I am currently considering the use of Jackrabbit in a future project.
The (very) rough layout I am thinking about is Jboss as Application Server
and Jackrabbit for content storage (equipped with a custom access manager
and login module for authentication & authorization).

But I am not sure whether Jackrabbit will be able to handle the amount of
data we will have to deal with.
The application might have to handle ~ 2000 - 5000 new documents/day (size
ranging from 2kb to 1 mb, I assume an average of ~50 KB). 
Each document will have about 5 - 10 simple text properties and the "binary"
content of the documents (plain text/HTML/MS Word/PDF) will have to be
indexed for a fulltext search.
Read access to the contents will not be very frequent, I am assuming 5
requests for the mentionened simple properties of a node per minute, 5
concurrent users, access to binary contents will propably appear once every

In short: The application will have to be able to do a fulltext search on
(worst case) more than 10,000,000 contents and will have to handle creation
of new contents without stalling the server.

What is your opinion, is Jackrabbit the right tool for the task?
Which Persistence Manager would be the best choice?
Are there any special hardware considerations I should think about (e.g.
separating index and storage on separate discs using separate controllers
Should we have OS preferences for the server (current options are Windows
2003 Server vs. Linux with a strong preference towards Windows 2003 Server)?

I know that not all of my questions are directly related to Jackrabbit
Development and some will propably not be answered due to a lack of existing
data, but any clues/hints will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!


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