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From Raphael Wegmueller <r...@day.com>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit and I
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2005 12:49:56 GMT
hi joe,

in case you are looking for a pre-built and supported JSR 170
compliant repository as a basis of your CMS application, you might
want to take a look at day's commercial JCR implementation CRX[1]. it
comes with an installer for windows and (generic) unix for painless
deployment and includes documentation and examples to get started. you
can evaluate it for free during a 30 day period. there is also an
independent mailing list[2] for users and developers.



On 9/5/05, Joseph B. Ottinger <joeo@enigmastation.com> wrote:
> I'm a little frustrated.
> I'm trying to get a base jackrabbit installation running, so I can use
> content management without writing all the guts of it myself, and things
> aren't quite working out.
> The biggest cause is the lack of a cohesive download. I have the source; I
> build locally with Maven. Things work out (I think). It compiles; most
> tests pass (as it's still in the incubator, is this normal?)
> Yet building a cohesive set of jars is enough to drive one mad. (Well,
> drive ME mad.) I'm told (via IBM and some other such resources) to trawl
> through my maven repository to pull out various dependencies, and after
> doing so, javax.jcr.BinaryValue isn't found in my classpath.
> Grrrrr!!!!
> (Sorry; just a little frustrated. JCR is a great idea, and I'm determined
> that some day, somehow, we're going to make it so that you don't have to
> bend your body into weird shapes and sacrifice a goat just to drop it in
> and USE it.)
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Joseph B. Ottinger                             http://enigmastation.com
> Editor, http://www.TheServerSide.com             joeo@enigmastation.com

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