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From Oliver Kiessler <oliver.kiess...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Open Source Content Browser
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 16:11:17 GMT
> > Please search for "jaasConfigFile",
> Ok, found jaasConfigFile, it was in the section above!
> > So please run "the Init the
> > repository" function in your browser webapp first (first screen when
> > opening http://localhost:8080/browser/).
> That worked any I can browse it. Now I got another repository on my box.
> I will go celebrate as soon as I manage to create a repo with A and read
> it with B. :-)) Wasn't that the idea of having a standard such as JSR-170?
> Don't get me wrong; thank you for your code. Maybe it can be taken further
> into an "any JCR repository" browser. I will investigate a bit.
> At least your stuff is the only available free implementation of such a
> browser that I know about.

hi torsten,
in fact you *can* browse any given jcr repository with the karma-jcr
repositorybrowser. You need to make some modifications to the config
files though. First you need to provide a valid repository.xml
configuration (in the conf dir). Then you need to change the "domain
root" (in src/java/com/inceedo/karma/jcr/browser/actions/Show.java and
Browse.java). And that should do it... ;)

I will have a look at it tonight too and move this domain root
configuration stuff to the applicationContext.xml file, so you can
easily modify it to use it for any jcr repo.

Again, like I said, this is very early stuff, I will make it more
generic very soon... You can also join in if you like and send me
patches... ;)


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