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From Janne Kario <ka...@mermit.fi>
Subject Re: Connecting WebDAV bridge to SVN
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 19:50:38 GMT
Angela Schreiber wrote:
> hi janne
>> Ok. How about the status of the WebDav serverside 
>> (JCRWebdavServerServlet)? I can see that there is a lot of code there 
>> and event som DeltaV stuff. Has anyone confirmed which clients 
>> (Windows/Mac OS X) are working?
> the aim of the jcrserver was to provide a webdav based
> jsr170 server protocol (mapping jsr170 api to webdav).
> on the other hand i tried to cover webdav functionality
> as much as possible. some more details are availble
> here:
> http://www.day.com/jsr170/server/JCR_Webdav_Protocol.zip
> this has mostly been completed, but i made few tests
> only (with slide-commandline client, DavExplorer 0.91,
> windows built in client). however, i don't see so
> much benefit of this as long as the counterpiece
> (jcr-client) is missing.
> what exactly are you looking for?


I'm trying to evaluate whether the server part can act as generic webdav 
interface to the jsr repository (Windows/Max OS X desktop integration). 
I don't necessarily need the JSR-170 client -> WebDAV -> JSR-170 server 
bridge although that would be really neat and we would definitively find 
use for that.

I'm about to play with the jackrabbit webdav in the near future and can 
contribute my findings back here/JIRA.

* Janne Kario

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