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From Janne Kario <ka...@mermit.fi>
Subject Re: Connecting WebDAV bridge to SVN
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 17:07:52 GMT
Brian Moseley wrote:
> Angela Schreiber wrote:
>> we planned to provide a general purpose jcr-client. the jcr
>> webdav client would in that situation be an example.
>> the intension was to extend the webdav library in
>> order to provide the means for a general purpose webdav
>> client.
>> unfortunately, the client has not been completed yet and
>> the client part is pretty empty (shifted priority). there are
>> only a few classes in the client module, that have been commited 
>> unintentionally.
> a shame, too, since the only alternative java webdav client library i'm 
> aware of is the slide one, which is... not stellar.

Ok. How about the status of the WebDav serverside 
(JCRWebdavServerServlet)? I can see that there is a lot of code there 
and event som DeltaV stuff. Has anyone confirmed which clients 
(Windows/Mac OS X) are working?

* Janne Kario

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