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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@gbiv.com>
Subject Re: compliance certificate
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 21:44:27 GMT
Walter, Apache Jackrabbit is an open source project.  It is not a
generic JCR support forum. Some of the questions you are asking are
not appropriate for the jackrabbit-dev mailing list.

> Finally, I would still like someone to respond to the following 
> questions, if interested:
> Who can perform a Level One certification for us and is this possible?

You can do that yourself using the TCK provided for JSR 170.
Please go to the JSR 170 site and follow the download links.

> Has there been any companies certified fully compliant?

Companies don't get certified -- implementations do.  I don't think
that the information you are requesting is public knowledge.

> Any specific suggestions will be helpful.  Also, if there is any code 
> that you would like me to commit to your efforts, and it will not 
> require me releasing everything I've built, I would be more than happy 
> to consider contributing to your efforts.  I understand Day has a 
> proprietary system, and has not contributed all their code to this 
> open source effort, but I could be wrong.

Day has many products, some of which contain parts licensed from
third-parties that cannot be made open source.  What Day licensed
to Apache to create Jackrabbit is the heart of Day's current generation
content repository (CRX) and content management system (Communiqué).
Those software products have many features not included in a JCR
implementation, in addition to commercial support, and Day licenses
that software as closed source in order to pay many of our salaries
(among other things).

Jackrabbit, however, is now an Apache product that combines
contributions from many companies and individuals.
All contributions are voluntary.  I think what you should do is
figure out what parts of your code *you* would want to see in some
future version of jackrabbit such that it would enable you to
replace your current JCR implementation with the Apache one.
That would allow you to leverage all the development effort here.


Roy T. Fielding                            <http://roy.gbiv.com/>
Chief Scientist, Day Software              <http://www.day.com/> 

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