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From "Torsten Schlabach" <tschlab...@apache.org>
Subject Re: jcr command line client
Date Fri, 12 Aug 2005 14:33:08 GMT

I was waiting for that and I will try and let you know if it worked.
Thank you for your work!


> Hi
> FYI, I've just committed a command line client. It's under
> /contrib/jcr-commands. In order use it I recommend to install the plugin
> javaapp from
> http://maven-plugins.sourceforge.net/maven-javaapp-plugin/index.html, it
> will build a single runnable jar. See the instructions under
> /jcr-commands/README.txt.
> As I commented in a previous thread the commands can be used to
> benchmark jackrabbit with jmeter. I updated the jmeter plugin, it's
> under /jcr-commands/jmeter-chain. And there's a test plan example under
> /jcr-commands/benchmarking that simulates a single user writing and 2
> users reading concurrently. It's not a real life test plan, it's just an
> example of how to build one.
> As always, feedback is highly appreciated. If it doesn't work please let
> me know, it's all my fault, I can't blame the sun because it's pretty
> cold in this part of the globe ;).
> br,
> edgar

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