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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: many-to-many relations and JOIN
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2005 07:13:50 GMT
Hi Michael,

Michael Aemisegger wrote:
> Dear list
> I'm wondering whether you would advise to store data objects which have 
> a many-to-many relationship in a repository instead of a RDBMS.

this is certainly possible with JSR-170 using reference properties to
model the many-to-many relationship.

> The challenge I see is to do queries against the repository for such a 
> data model.

For some applications you won't even need a query at all.
e.g. if you are looking for all students of a certain prof you can
simply use the API without executing a query:

depending on the direction of your references you either use:

Node prof = ...
PropertyIterator profRefs = prof.getReferences();

which will give you the properties of student nodes that reference the
prof you are interested in.


Node profs = ...
Value[] studentUUIDs = prof.getProperty("profs").getValues();

which will return the UUIDs of the student nodes.

> I'd like to query something like
> 'SELECT prof.name, student.name FROM prof, student WHERE 
> prof.id=student.profId'

to simply resolve relations like the above you should rather use the jcr
api. if you want to apply additional constraints to the query you should
probably use the jcr:deref() function in XPath. See below.

> Are Joins supported in level 1 repositories?

Level 1 repositories are only required to support XPath, SQL is an
optional feature. Which means even a Level 2 repository is not required
to support it. Though some JCR implementations based on a database will
probably support some sort of joins, but in a non-standardized way.

> Are they supported in Jackrabbit?

joins in SQL are not supported in jackrabbit. The preferred language to
query a workspace is XPath, because it can easier cope with the
hierarchical structure.

> Is there a natural way to formulate this kind of query in XPATH?

the jcr:deref() function is probably what you are looking for. It allows
you to resolve reference properties in a path step.


profs/*[@name = 'michi']/jcr:deref(@students, '*')[@type = 'graduate']

returns the graduate students of prof michi.

assuming profs reference students with the @students property.

See also chapter of the jsr-170 spec. Note that the jcr:deref()
function is optional.


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