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From David NĂ©grier <d.negr...@thecodingmachine.com>
Subject Looking for Jackrabbit developers
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 16:52:53 GMT
Hi list!

I am now starting a software company in France specialised in hiring 
freelance programmers. The main difference with classical auction 
websites is that we use to take big projects for large companies. We 
split the projects in several components and the bids are made on the 
components. You can check our website at http://www.thecodingmachine.com

Our first project is about writing a custom CMS portlet for Liferay and 
our client would like this CMS Portlet to be JSR-170 compatible. I've 
decided to go for Jackrabbit, I've written specs about the Data Access 
Object and I'm now looking for developers that might be interested in 
taking the bid.

I understand this mailing-list might not be the right place to put such 
a message but there are currently very few people knowing the JSR-170 
around and I'm looking for one.

Furthermore, it might be a real opportunity for you to make a little 
money really easily. The Data Access Object is really simple enough. We 
are offering $500 for it. I think it can take up to 5 days to develop it 
if you don't know anything about the JSR-170 but I'm sure it can be done 
in one day by someone having a little knowledge of Jackrabbit.
You can download the specs at: 

Once more, please excuse me if this mail is not in the correct mailing 
list, and do not hesitate to contact me or post a bid if you wish to 
help us!

Best Regards,
David NĂ©grier
Project manager,

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