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From Walter <walt...@builditglobal.com>
Subject compliance certificate
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 12:50:24 GMT
I want to thank those of you who logged onto our site.  May I assume 
that the reason we have not received any comments, or offer to help us 
work with JCR compliant data exchange is that we did not use Jackrabbit 
and this is a Jackrabbit development site.

Please no that I was 3 months into our development before we learned 
about the Jackrabbit implementation and after removing the Slide 
repository due to problems with our implementation, I was not ready to 
start from scratch with another implementation.  So those who are 
offended that we did not support Jackrabbit, I'm sorry to say it was a 
financial decision for us as a small company.

Finally, I would still like someone to respond to the following 
questions, if interested:

Who can perform a Level One certification for us and is this possible?

Has there been any companies certified fully compliant?

Does anyone what would be the best way for me to test our repository for 
data integration from other certified repositories across the internet?  
I understand that I can get access to other non-compliant repositories 
after I build a connector for the data, but I am trying to avoid this 
expense if possible.

I'm sorry if these sound like basic business questions rather than 
properly defined technical questions, but supporting this JCR repository 
compliance is something I do not want to drop now that we are so close.  
I suspect there are lots of certified compliant repositories out there 
since the release, but I am not running in the circles to know who these 
companies are at this time.

Any specific suggestions will be helpful.  Also, if there is any code 
that you would like me to commit to your efforts, and it will not 
require me releasing everything I've built, I would be more than happy 
to consider contributing to your efforts.  I understand Day has a 
proprietary system, and has not contributed all their code to this open 
source effort, but I could be wrong.

Thanks for the opportunity to participate.


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