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From Walter <walt...@builditglobal.com>
Subject Re: TCK Compliance.
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2005 15:53:34 GMT
Hi David, I will ask my developers to submit this issue next week.  By 
Tuesday we should be compliant with multiple workspaces, but I wanted to 
determine if it was required for certification.

Is Day the firm who is doing independent certifications?  Have you 
completed any yet? 

Can we just do a level I certification first?


David Nuescheler wrote:

>hi walter,
>thanks for bringing up this topic.
>On 8/5/05, Walter <walterb@builditglobal.com> wrote:
>>Can someone please explain to me if "multiple workspaces" are considered
>>"optional" in the TCK and whether successful testing is required for TCK
>>"A content repository is composed of a number of workspaces. Each
>>workspace contains a single rooted tree of items. In the simplest case a
>>repository will consist of just one workspace. In more complex cases a
>>repository will consist of more than one workspace.
>>A repository with only a single workspace consists of a single tree of
>>nodes and properties.
>>In repositories that have multiple workspaces, a node in one workspace
>>may have corresponding nodes in other workspaces."
>as a matter of fact you are right. a level 2 compliant repository does not
>require multiple workspaces.
>i think we had a "grouping issue" with the cross-workspace the testcases for
>.clone(), update() and .merge() in the tck.
>i think they got stuck in level 2 instead of being their own group.
>the good news is that we can fix that in a minor rev of the tck.
>do you think you can file this issue as a jira bug?

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