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From Brian Moseley <...@osafoundation.org>
Subject Re: Connecting WebDAV bridge to SVN
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2005 21:41:53 GMT
Janne Kario wrote:

> I'm trying to evaluate whether the server part can act as generic webdav 
> interface to the jsr repository (Windows/Max OS X desktop integration). 
> I don't necessarily need the JSR-170 client -> WebDAV -> JSR-170 server 
> bridge although that would be really neat and we would definitively find 
> use for that.
> I'm about to play with the jackrabbit webdav in the near future and can 
> contribute my findings back here/JIRA.

you want to look at the SimpleWebdavServlet rather than 

the former is a generic class 1&2 webdav protocol implementation, while 
the latter is something different. it's the server end of "remote jcr 
over webdav", an alternative to "remote jcr over rmi". webdav is just 
the transport layer. you aren't meant to point a webdav client at the 
jcr server, but rather a jcr client.

SimpleWebdavServlet is what you want when you're looking to use an 
arbitrary webdav client against a webdav server which uses a jcr 
repository as its content store.

this distinction took a while for me to understand. the source code 
structure does not make it evident, and there's little or no 
documentation to explain it. angela had to beat it into my brain on the 
mailing list a few months back :)

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