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From Torsten Schlabach <tschlab...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Open Source Content Browser
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 19:27:04 GMT
Hi again,

I obviously had an auth problem! After fixing this, it worked!


But we should really start thinking about some error logging. If I would 
  have seen any "authentication error" message, I would have known where 
to search. But a blank page makes debugging hard.

Yes, I know, it's early stuff. Just trying to provide some feedback.


Oliver Kiessler schrieb:
>>>Please search for "jaasConfigFile",
>>Ok, found jaasConfigFile, it was in the section above!
>>>So please run "the Init the
>>>repository" function in your browser webapp first (first screen when
>>>opening http://localhost:8080/browser/).
>>That worked any I can browse it. Now I got another repository on my box.
>>I will go celebrate as soon as I manage to create a repo with A and read
>>it with B. :-)) Wasn't that the idea of having a standard such as JSR-170?
>>Don't get me wrong; thank you for your code. Maybe it can be taken further
>>into an "any JCR repository" browser. I will investigate a bit.
>>At least your stuff is the only available free implementation of such a
>>browser that I know about.
> hi torsten,
> in fact you *can* browse any given jcr repository with the karma-jcr
> repositorybrowser. You need to make some modifications to the config
> files though. First you need to provide a valid repository.xml
> configuration (in the conf dir). Then you need to change the "domain
> root" (in src/java/com/inceedo/karma/jcr/browser/actions/Show.java and
> Browse.java). And that should do it... ;)
> I will have a look at it tonight too and move this domain root
> configuration stuff to the applicationContext.xml file, so you can
> easily modify it to use it for any jcr repo.
> Again, like I said, this is very early stuff, I will make it more
> generic very soon... You can also join in if you like and send me
> patches... ;)
> oliver

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