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From Oliver Kiessler <oliver.kiess...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Open Source Content Browser
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2005 12:36:57 GMT
> Despite I don't have too much time nowadays I feel I'm working on it at
> least indirectly ;). Let me explain...
> I didn't think it thoroughly but both jcr-taglib and jcr-commands might
> help. The taglib would help to display the nodes either in a tree or in
> a flat manner. btw, I'd like to improve it by adding ajax support
> through DWR[1]. I think this improvement would help to build rich UIs
> for other purposes too. e.g. a jcr backed resourcebundle console come to
> my mind because we talked about it a few days ago.
> And, independently of the MVC framework of your choice, the project
> jcr-commands might help too, I'm thinking of binding commands to menu
> items.
> It seems that the tough part will be the fancy javascript but if the
> lines above have any sense we already have something :), WDYT?

sounds interesting. do you have a simple demo webapp for the jcr-taglib?


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