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From "Rob Owen" <Rob.O...@sas.com>
Subject jcr-server webapp PROPFIND/PROPPATCH support
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2005 14:40:43 GMT
To make the WebDAV view (/repository or SimpleWebdavServlet) in the jcr-server webapp more
general, it seems that PROPFIND should return all (or at least all user-defined) properties
found on the node. At the moment it only returns pseudo-properties (essential WebDAV properties)
that are created from node metadata. If there are user defined properties on these nodes then
they should be returned in a PROPFIND request. I'm not sure how these would be identified,
but might be something like any properties not defined in some namespaces (eg. nt, jcr, rep).
At the moment, these properties will not exist as they cannot be set on the nodetypes created
using this servlet (see below).

In order to support PROPPATCH, DAVResourceImpl was modified, but discovered it creates nt:folder
nodes for WebDAV collections and nt:file nodes for WebDAV non-collection resources. These
nodetypes do not allow additional properties to be set and so this in itself prevents PROPPATCH
from working. Would the recommended route be to change the nodetypes created (eg. to nt:unstructured
or something else) in order to be able to set arbitrary properties on the JCR nodes and thereby
provide the ability to fully support WebDAV's PROPPATCH? 

Full support for PROPFIND/PROPPATCH is required for some existing WebDAV applications to use
jackrabbit as the content repository. Any suggestions on the best route would be much appreciated.


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