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From Maxim <maxi...@anahoret.com>
Subject Test question: NodeTest.testRemoveInvalidItemStateException()
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 08:16:52 GMT
Hello jackrabbit-dev.

In the org.apache.jackrabbit.test.api.NodeTest test case
there is a test method:

     * Removes a node using {@link javax.jcr.Node#remove()} with session 1,
     * afterwards it tries the same with session 2. <br/><br/> This should throw
     * an {@link InvalidItemStateException}.
    public void testRemoveInvalidItemStateException() throws RepositoryException {

This test requires Item.remove() method
to throw InvalidItemStateException
if this node was already removed from other session.

However the specification for Item.remove() method lists only the
following exceptions explicitly (besides generic RepositoryException):
- ReferentialIntegrityException
- AccessDeniedException
- ConstraintViolationException
- VersionException
- LockException

For Jackrabbit repository implementation it may be perfectly
acceptable to throw InvalidItemStateException on remove()
(as this does not violate the specification).

But this test is part of TCK, and so it essentially requires all other
compliant implementations to behave the same way. This seems to be way
too restrictive and is not followed from the specification.

Usual policy for most Level 2 Item and Node methods is to modify only
pending changes state stored in the current Session, and persistent
storage is queried and updated only on save().

Any comments will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Best regards, Maxim.
Anahoret Team.

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