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From Fabrizio Giustina <fgi...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: build problems
Date Sun, 10 Jul 2005 08:49:47 GMT
On 7/10/05, Jukka Zitting <jz@yukatan.fi> wrote:
> Additionally, to avoid dependency problems like the recent "maven clean"
> issue, we should change the "-dev" suffix to the Maven-standard
> "-SNAPSHOT" and start publishing periodic binary snapshots either on the
> Day repository or at Ibiblio. This would be nice for other purposes as well.

That would be great. It's a pity that, while jackrabbit uses maven for
its build, you can't use maven to manage the dependencies of a
jackrabbit-based application... also if jackrabbit has never been
released there are already a lot of jackrabbit "users" out there:
please be kind and publish snapshot binary builds ;)

> Directory layout
> ----------------
> Roy is right in that the directory layout could do with some cleaning
> up. A proposal:

After the restructuring of the core I think the same principle should
be applied to the orm persistence project...
I was willing to contribute an hibernate3 implementation but it's
impossible to integrate it in the current orm module due to its layout
(a single project for core, ojb and hibernate2). What about splitting
it into orm-core, orm-ojb and orm-hibernate2 as well? It's pretty easy
to do since h2 and ojb implementations already are in specific
packages... anyway I offer my help if it's needed.
Another small issue is that tests are always configured to be run from
a specific parent dir (projects in contrib look for the parent core
jackrabbit directory). That's usually fine, but what about adding a
variable in project.xml in order to configure the location of the test
directory? That could be more ide friendly, if you don't want to nest
project and move projects in the contrib directory to the top level.

> IDE and tool support
> --------------------
> It would be nicer for IDEs and various tools if the current main modules
> would _not_ extend the top level project.xml. 

That could be an improvement, but I don't think it's a big issue since
you can simply check out the project you need + the root project.xml.

Regarding this topic, what I'd like to see are a few maven settings
that let you completely configure all the jackrabbit projects in
eclipse, namely:

- add the maven.eclipse.resources.addtoclasspath=true property to
project.properties (make the eclipse plugin create source dirs also
for resources). [note, there are a few spurious "applications/test"
resource dirs configured in api and commons which should be removed]

- add the <eclipse.dependency>true</eclipse.dependency> property to
all the jackrabbit internal dependencies in all the POMs (all the
dependencies with "jackrabbit" groupId) so internal dependencies
becomes project dependencies in eclipse.

> Jukka Zitting


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