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From Brian Moseley <...@osafoundation.org>
Subject multivalued resource types for webdav collections
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 00:03:03 GMT

o.a.j.webdav.property.ResourceType and its subclass 
o.a.j.webdav.version.ResourceType both represent a single-valued property.

however, caldav requires the server to send multiple values for this 
property for a calendar collection, ie:


i know from a conversation with the webdav working group chair that the 
property is meant to be multivalued. if you all are on board with that, 
i can provide a patch for the above classes. alternately i can just 
write my own alternate ResourceType classes.

obviously i'd prefer for jcr-server to support this out of the box, but 
it's up to y'all. what's your preference?

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