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From Brian Moseley <...@osafoundation.org>
Subject Re: strong etags in simple webdav server
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2005 20:31:50 GMT

any thoughts on strong etags?

since the simple webdav server doesn't support versioned resources, it 
seems like the strong etag could be exactly the same as the weak etag.

if i submitted a patch to NodeResource.java to implement getStrongETag() 
just like getETag() but without the leading W/, would it be accepted?

Brian Moseley wrote:
> what would it take to support strong etags in the simple webdav server?
> if i understand strong etags correctly, the etag must change any time 
> the response headers or resource properties change.
> the only response headers that appear likely to change are 
> content-length, content-type and last-modified. two of those three are 
> already accounted for in the weak etag.
> for resources that have a jcr:lastModified property (as those imported 
> with FileImportCommand will) that is updated when properties change 
> (which obviously isn't the case now, since PROPPATCH is not 
> implemented), it does not seem like anything extra would need to be done 
> to account for changed properties.
> what about resources imported with XMLImportCommand? since they aren't 
> required to have a last modified property, will the last modified 
> property always be represented as the current time?
> what about versioned resources? is jcr:lastModified sufficient, or would 
> the current version's uuid or some other value need to be added to the 
> strong etag?
> have i missed anything important?

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