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From Robert Ritchy <rob...@jarbo.com>
Subject Re: considering use of jackrabbit
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 16:37:11 GMT

Franco Krattiger wrote:

> the majority of the severe issues seem to pertain to the versioning
> code.  as versioning support is not a requirement for our application,
> i could live with that limitation.
> JCR-160 (query index not in sync with workspace) worries me, however.
> searching is, not surprisingly, a key requirement for our app... if
> the indexes run awry that's a bad thing :(

While it is bad, the correction (wiping out the index dir), isn't the 
worst scenario. And, I'm sure a fix won't be too far away considering 
the severity of the problem (actually looks like progress was made as I 
type this).

> so basically, i have the following questions:
> - generally speaking, can Jackrabbit in its current state be considered
>   for production use?

I'd say it's not ready, but still functional enough to build your app 
against.  As you know, you can always swap it out for a commercially 
supported product if jackrabbit doesn't satisfy your use cases (beauty 
of JSR170).

>   considering the open issues, this obviously would require workarounds
>   or an outright avoidance of certain functionality.  i guess i'd like
>   to know if you guys are reasonably confident that the codebase doesn't
>   harbor any more severe bugs beyond those already known and reported.
I've build a few personal apps (email, calendar, wiki) for less than 20 
users, so I certainly don't fit your use case. My users; however, 
(family/friends/co-workers) are fairly active because it is their 
primary email/calendar/wiki.

Given that, I have been using various, tested versions for about 6 
months now, and, while there have been a few bugs, I've never lost data 
or run into critical problems. The basics nodes/property CRUD operations 
has always worked for me. I've never seen a lost/corrupted email or 
wiped out a web page.

> - for those familiar with JCR-160: just how quickly do the indexes drift
>   out of synch?  in my app, jackrabbit will probably see less than 100
>   mutations/day... if the indexing creeps up rather slowly, it might be
>   feasible to work around it by reindexing on a nightly basis until a
>   fix comes along...
You might want to view JCR-160 for the latest status.

> i'd really love to use the product for our project... i hope someone out
> there can shed some light on my questions...
Open source projects are about collaboration, not about giving vendors 
free support. Which is why it's good that you were trying to do the 
former. I didn't detect any "can you guys support our commercial 
product" in your email. But, if I'm wrong - then you should probably 
avoid this project.


> thanks and cheers,
> franco krattiger
> previon ag
> zofingen, switzerland

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