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From Franco Krattiger <fra...@redshift.ch>
Subject considering use of jackrabbit
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 14:36:46 GMT
hi all

we're considering using Jackrabbit for a medium scale web-application
that we are currently in the planning stage for.
having perused the open issues on Jira i'm somewhat unsure whether
it's a wise decision to make use of the product prior to the first
official release.

the majority of the severe issues seem to pertain to the versioning
code.  as versioning support is not a requirement for our application,
i could live with that limitation.

JCR-160 (query index not in sync with workspace) worries me, however.
searching is, not surprisingly, a key requirement for our app... if
the indexes run awry that's a bad thing :(

so basically, i have the following questions:

- generally speaking, can Jackrabbit in its current state be considered
   for production use?
   considering the open issues, this obviously would require workarounds
   or an outright avoidance of certain functionality.  i guess i'd like
   to know if you guys are reasonably confident that the codebase doesn't
   harbor any more severe bugs beyond those already known and reported.

- for those familiar with JCR-160: just how quickly do the indexes drift
   out of synch?  in my app, jackrabbit will probably see less than 100
   mutations/day... if the indexing creeps up rather slowly, it might be
   feasible to work around it by reindexing on a nightly basis until a
   fix comes along...

i'd really love to use the product for our project... i hope someone out
there can shed some light on my questions...

thanks and cheers,

franco krattiger
previon ag
zofingen, switzerland

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