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From Marcel Reutegger <marcel.reuteg...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: Problems with concurrent sessions
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2005 16:34:34 GMT
Hi Nicolas,

Nicolas Belisle wrote:
>  > no, but you may use locks to further control isolation level.
> There seems to be at least two problems with that approach :
> - You will get a (unpleasant) javax.jcr.lock.LockException if another 
> transaction tries to lock the node (or a child).

You probably want a lock call that is blocking and returns when the lock 
could be retrieved. Locks in jsr-170 were primarily designed to lock 
nodes for a longer time and not just while in a transaction. Maybe a 
blocking variant of the getLock() method is something we should consider 
for the next jcr version.

> - It is not enforced even though it should be used everywhere, even for 
> only a read.

This depends on the application. I don't think you have to lock the 
workspace when your applicaton is fine with an read-committed isolation 

> Sorry there was an error in my example. I should make more sense this way :
> Example v.2 :
> A : open session
> A : read nodes "test" & "test2"
> B : open session
> B : delete nodes "test" & "test2"
> B : save session //WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN ??
> B : logout
> A : read nodes "test" & "test2" //WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN ??
> A : logout

yeah, that definitively makes more sense ;)

deleting the two nodes with Session B will be successful, unless session 
A has locked the two nodes.
regarding the second attempt to read the two nodes with session A, this 
depends whether A already obtained references to the nodes or not.

If A already has reference to those two nodes, calles that read the 
state of those nodes will throw an InvalidItemStateException. Indicating 
that the nodes do not exist anymore.

If A tries to retrieve the nodes again. E.g. by calling getNodes() on 
the parent of the just deleted nodes. The returned NodeIterator will 
simply not contain the nodes anymore.

> It would be useful if the isolation level could configured at the 
> repository level. So if your application needs better isolation or 
> performance you would only need to change the configuration and not your 
> code.

Again I think this always depends on the application on top of the 
repository. Setting an isolation level as a global property does not 
seems to be a good idea to me.

> An implementation could (hypothetically) use locks in SessionImpl and 
> use events (when a session saves/logout) to prevent throwing exceptions. 
> A queue would hold pending operations. However, we would have to be 
> careful about long lived sessions...

I'm sorry, I cannot follow you here...


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