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From Walter <walt...@builditglobal.com>
Subject Workspaces and XPath 2.0
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 14:47:02 GMT
I am a CEO of a company that has hired developers to make our CMS 
JSR-170 compliant and they have been working on this implementation 
rather successfully.  However, I was informed today that in order to be 
certified compliant by Day, we will need to implement workspaces.  
According to the Spec, it reads:

"A content repository is composed of a number of workspaces. Each 
workspace contains a single rooted tree of items. In the simplest case a 
repository will consist of just one workspace. In more complex cases a 
repository will consist of more than one workspace."

Can anyone help me to understand the idea behind workspaces and the 
reason to have more than one workspace?

Also, they have this problem to be compliant:

"However there is one serious thing which requires more carefull 
considerartion: *XPath query* specified by level 1. Initially we added 
only basic support for the simple XPath queries. The TCK uses more 
advanced XPath and so tests are failing. JSR-170 uses XPath 2.0 
<http://www.w3.org/TR/xpath20/> which is still in "working draft"."

Again, please know that I am not a developer, but it is my obligation as 
CEO to fund the continuation of the development work to deal with these 
additional issues.  Any assistance from anyone who can speak in simple 
english would be very much appreciated.

Walter Breidenstein

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