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From Edgar Poce <edgarp...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Persistence Manager sanity check ehancements
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2005 04:57:29 GMT
Hi bertrand

Bertrand LEGA wrote:
> This tool is very usefull and I'm considering to add the following checks :
>  1. check that all the properties are defined for a node
>  2. check that the custom_nodetypes.xml is valid (simple DTD validation).
> For the check 1., the sanity check needs to be able to instanciate a 
> NamespaceRegistry, which is not possible because the constructor is not 
> accessible (RepositoryImpl is the class that creates 
> NamespaceRegistryImpl).
> Which leaves me the following (inelegant) solution: copy the code of 
> NamespaceRegistryImpl to NamespaceRegistrySanityImp and make the 
> constructor public.
I don't like the copy approach either. I found the same limitation and 
proposed to make the constructor public but there was no interest at 
that moment. Feel free to post a jira issue.
I'd like to add checks for node type constraints before committing the 
contribution. I don't like the idea of committing a repair tool that 
will surely break the repo in known circumstances. Thanks for 
volunteering :). btw, I also plan to add test cases, I already made some 
but I'll add a few more.

> Regards,
> Bertrand.

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