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From Bertrand LEGA <legabertr...@yahoo.fr>
Subject Persistence Manager sanity check ehancements
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 15:00:39 GMT


I'm using the sanity check for my jcr repository. Thanks to Edgar for 
the contribution !

This tool is very usefull and I'm considering to add the following checks :
  1. check that all the properties are defined for a node
  2. check that the custom_nodetypes.xml is valid (simple DTD validation).

For the check 1., the sanity check needs to be able to instanciate a 
NamespaceRegistry, which is not possible because the constructor is not 
accessible (RepositoryImpl is the class that creates NamespaceRegistryImpl).
Which leaves me the following (inelegant) solution: copy the code of 
NamespaceRegistryImpl to NamespaceRegistrySanityImp and make the 
constructor public.

Do you have ideas how to solve that problem ?

We need a TypeNodeRegistry instance, so we need a NamespaceRegistry 
before that.


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