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From Andy Depue <a...@marathon-man.com>
Subject Considering Jackrabbit
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2005 15:51:43 GMT
We've been using Slide for a short time here, and have decided to move away 
from it (we knew we'd have to eventually).  Anyway, there aren't many options 
out there when it comes to open source document repositories in Java, and we 
are looking at Jackrabbit.  I've narrowed down two areas of need for us where 
Jackrabbit seems weak:

1. Using a relational database for storage, which would allow us to leverage 
all the work we have already put into making sure our relational database is 
scalable, fault tolerant, etc...
2. Client/server.  We will need "model 3":   
http://incubator.apache.org/jackrabbit/arch/deploy/howto-model3.html - our 
document repository will be an integral part of our application, which will 
be running in a cluster.

Could anyone share their experience in these two areas?  Jackrabbit appears to 
be weak in both areas at the moment, from what I can tell.  There doesn't 
appear to be any JDBC persistence manager, and I'm not sure how mature the 
ORM persistence manager is?  For model 3, the RMI implementation looks too 
weak (not optimized - slow over WAN), and it's hard to tell how mature the 
WebDAV implementation is at a glance.

  - Andy

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