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From Boris Kraft <boris.kr...@obinary.com>
Subject Re: indexing, jackrabbit & cqfs
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 13:19:45 GMT
On 14.06.2005, at 10:58, Marcel Reutegger wrote:

> Boris Kraft wrote:
>> Is it still possible to turn of indexing (and versioning while I am 
>> at  it) with the current release of jackrabbit?
> If you comment out the SearchIndex tag in the workspace.xml you can 
> disable the QueryManager / Indexing.


>> The reason why I am asking is that with my latest build (from last  
>> Saturday) I have serious problems to get a stable repository using  
>> cqfs. In particular, the repository breaks and the indexer writes out 
>>  index.dat files with a size of ~100GB (yes, thats Gigabyte). 
>> Obviously,  I am not really happy about that.
>> Does anybody else experience similar behavior?
> Nope, haven't seen this before.
> It seems that you are using CQFS as the underlying filesystem for the 
> search index. If this is true, I recommend to use LocalFileSystem.
> One reason for the huge index.dat file might be that the configuration 
> for CQFS is not apropriate for the use as a filesystem for search 
> index. e.g. the blocksize parameter has an influence on the maxmimum 
> file size that can be created in CQFS.

Yes, that might be a good idea.

I am currently moving from cqfs to filesystem and up to now this looks 
quite promising (except for the number of files I now have). The 
repository is now stable again. It might be an issue with CQFS on OSX, 
I'll let you know if problems go away when run on windows.

Thanks again
- Boris

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