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From Sandro Böhme <sandro.boe...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: custom namespace/node type import tool
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2005 19:02:07 GMT
Oliver Kiessler wrote:
>>sure. i'd rather not duplicate effort :) and i'd rather not maintain
>>such a tool for the long run, as i don't have a large development
>>community and want to concentrate on my main project.
>>my tool is *extremely* simple. i hadn't considered the dependencies
>>described in the jira issue, mainly because i haven't encountered them
>>in the node types i'm registering.
>>my requirements are 1) that i can run the tool from maven or the command
>>line so that i can create and populate the repository for my server when
>>building a distribution of the server and 2) that using the tool does
>>not force me to use the rest of your mapping layer.
>>while i'm definitely interested in the mapping layer, my jcr needs right
>>now are extremely simple, and i'd rather keep my small amount of jcr
>>client code than track another evolving, pre-alpha api - it's hard
>>enough keeping up with jackrabbit :) when your mapping stuff is farther
>>along, tho, i will definitely look to use it.
>>so what are your plans for node type registration? i noticed that you've
>>defined an interface but have no implementation yet.
> The current plans are to have an xml file with java beans to jcr node
> type mappings which is being read with jaxb for example. The java bean
> objects being mapped will be "graffito content objects" but it should
> very easy to handle this very flexible to allow a mapping of any java
> bean type.
> Graffito committer Sandro Böhme is currently working on GRFT-23 so I
> don't know all the details. But in my mind there will be a central Jcr
> Session class which has a setupRepository method to register
> namespaces and custom node types at repository creation time. Custom
> node types are created by a CustomNodeTypeCreator implementation which
> Sandro is working on (nothing committed yet). This
> CustomNodeTypeCreator will also have a method to add custom node types
> at any time later on. So the CustomNodeTypeCreator can probably be
> used from the command line or maven... graffito jcr-mapping totally is
> an API for CMS applications, content based applications, portals and
> so on and is not GUI based.
> regards,
> oliver

As it looks like my previous mail did not reach the list, here is my
comment again:
Personally I would say, our registration component registers only node
types that are mapped to java classes and it is not a general purpose
node type registration component.
But of course if it makes sense, we could discuss how to implement it.



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