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From Sandro Böhme <sandro.boe...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: custom node types with custom supertypes
Date Sun, 26 Jun 2005 19:00:20 GMT
>>If I understand the spec the right way, every implementation of JSR 170
>>should allow to register custom node types with custom supertypes and it
>>is not only a feature of Jackrabbit. 
> that's not correct. node type management (i.e. node type registration) has
> intentionally been left out in the spec. registration of custom node types
> is an implementation-specific feature.
I knew that registering nodetypes is not part of the spec from day one 
since I read the spec ;-)... I was just not sure anymore if _custom_
supertypes allowed.

>>Additionally a subtype has to
>>inherit all property and child node definitions of the
> correct.
Perfect. After reading the section 6.7.8 of the spec I was not 100%
sure anymore and I've seen, inheritance of custom supertypes is not
tested in the TCK.

>>The inheritance of the pure node type definition(s)
>>(isMandantory, isAutoCreated, defaultPrimaryType, ... without
>>the property and child node definitions) and the possible conflicts
>>with the inheritance of more than one node type definition is not part
>>of the spec. Am I right with that?
> i can't follow you here, sorry. 

I afraid I wasn't clear enough with my questions. I just tried to figure
out what the section 6.7.8 of the spec means. At the moment I think I
know what I need to know.

>>The section 6.7.8 of the spec says:
>>"Inheritance Among Node Types
>>A node type may have one (or in some implementations, more than
>>one) supertype. A subtype inherits the property and child node
>>definitions of its supertype(s) (and possibly other attributes) and
>>may declare further property or child node definitions.
>>Configuring the inheritance hierarchy of node types available within
>>a particular repository is outside the scope of this specification. For
>>this reason the specification does not define how conflicts between
>>multiple super types are resolved or exactly which attributes of a
>>node type (other than its child node and property definitions) are
>>inherited by its subtypes. For example, the question of whether the
>>orderable child nodes setting of a node type is inherited by its
>>subtypes is left up to the particular implementation. See also,
>> Additions to the Hierarchy.
>>Some repositories may support multiple inheritance of node types.
>>As a result, the methods for discovering node type information
>>must allow for the possibility that a node type has more than one
>>supertype. See 6.7.11 Discovering the Definition of a Node Type."

Thank you very much for your feedback.



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