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From "Dmitriy L. Kulakov" <dkula...@fors.ru>
Subject RE: Re: Using Jackrabbit with MySQL / Hibernate
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 08:53:34 GMT

> > Otherwise I'm really excited about Jackrabbit and JSR-170. 
I also new to JCR but I'm already not too excited about it. 

> coming from an rdbms background, I would have thought most 
> users would 
> want to be able to plug Jackrabbit into an existing schema, 
> at least for 
> type 1 repositories. Also for type 2 repositories, as someone else 
> mentioned in another msg, proprietary flat files might scare a lot of 
> clients because they can't see where their data is from a traditional 
> perspective.

I think Jackrabbit is too young for such issues. 
ORM doesn't work at all in a version that a have checked out two weeks ago.
It is interesting to have a look at db schemas in orm contribution.
There we can see a rather common approch of mapping xml-structured data to strict static set
of tables.

> I rather like the idea of having the database set up in a 
> similar way to 
> how the JSR-170 pec suggests (with one table per property 
> type) for type 
> 2 repositories. It's more "normal" for systems people and is also 
> available to systems outside JSR-170 (non-Java - MS ADO for example).

So general implementation should do DDL for definition of new nodetypes and mixins.
I think it is rather difficult. But interesting.

All the best, 

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