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From Stefan Guggisberg <stefan.guggisb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: default value for initializing date property
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 07:50:12 GMT
On 6/21/05, Brian Moseley <bcm@osafoundation.org> wrote:
> i'm using this code to define a property:
>    InternalValue[] defaultValues1 = {
>        InternalValue.create(Calendar.getInstance())
>    };
>    PropDefImpl createdDef = new PropDefImpl();
>    createdDef.setName(new QName(URI_TICKET, "created"));
>    createdDef.setRequiredType(PropertyType.DATE);
>    createdDef.setAutoCreated(true);
>    createdDef.setDefaultValues(defaultValues1);
>    createdDef.setMandatory(true);
>    createdDef.setOnParentVersion(OnParentVersionAction.INITIALIZE);
>    createdDef.setProtected(true);
>    createdDef.setMultiple(false);
>    createdDef.setDeclaringNodeType(ticketDef.getName());
> with this code, the declaring node type definition successfully registers.
> however, looking at custom_nodetypes.xml, the default value is being set
> to the moment in time that i execute the above code to register the node
> type ("<defaultValue>2005-06-20T17:43:47.364-07:00</defaultValue>").
> this makes a kind of sense, but it's not what i want.
> how can i define the property such that the property's value is set to
> the time when the node is created, not when the node type is registered?

dynamic default values are not yet supported. there are some related
inline @todo comments. see
and NodeImpl#computeSystemGeneratedPropertyValues.

what i have in mind is a NodeTypeInstanceHandler callback interface 
that can be registered for a specific node type. there are several 
open questions/problems though, e.g. portability, xml format of a 
node type with dynamic default values, dynamic values that depend 
on other values, method signatures of the callbck interface etc etc
however it's on my todo list.

> this is exactly how jcr:created behaves, isn't it?

the behaviour of jcr:created is spec'ed in jsr 170 and is hardcoded in 
jackrabbit. once we have a clean way of declaring/applying dynamic 
default values i'll replace that code with a generic solution.



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