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From Stefan Guggisberg <stefan.guggisb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: NodeTypes for Starters?!
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 13:57:25 GMT
On 6/10/05, Stefan Frank <s.frank@vierundsechzig.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to jackrabbit, played a little with magnolia and now want to get my
> hands dirty with jackrabbit. I intend to use jackrabbit as a repository for
> digital assets (images, movies in different formats, pdf ...) - it looks
> like jcr is a perfect fit for this kind of application. After reading all
> the documents I could find (there is not so much on jackrabbit...), I had my
> "Hello World!"-experience (node.setProperty("hello", new
> StringValue("World!"));) - now I want to go all the way. Is there some more
> documentation somewhere, apart from the jcr-Specification? Up to now, I only
> found what's on the incubation-website and a brief article on artima.com.
> Being new to jackrabbit, of course I have lots of questions, eg.
> - how to define custom-node-types (some explanations on the
> custom_nodetypes.xml would be nice...)

you can register node types by calling


here's how you get the NodeTypeRegistry object:

Workspace wsp = session.getWorkspace();
NodeTypeManager ntMgr = wsp.getNodeTypeManager();
NodeTypeRegistry ntReg =
       ((NodeTypeManagerImpl) ntMgr).getNodeTypeRegistry();

node type registration is not covered by the jsr-170 spec
but it's nonetheless available in jackrabbit since day 0.

btw: custom_nodetypes.xml should never be manipulated directly;
otherwise you risk loosing your data.

> - what about lazy-loading (what do I get with a node.getNodes(), when each
> nodes has child nodes - is that configurable?

that's nothing you have to worry about. it's up to the repository to 
implement this efficiently.

> - what about concurrency? I haven't seen any assumptions about transactional
> behavior in the jcr - if i got it right, it is up to the repository to
> ensure that no nodes are deleted by B to which A adds nodes?!

check out the jsr 170 specification. transaction support is described in detail.
another feature to avoid the above descibed scenario is locking.


> ...
> Any hints on even the most unfinished documentation would be highly
> appreciated! (I'll try to write down what you throw at me and maybe will try
> to compile some how-tos from it...)
> Cheers
> Stefan

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