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From "McComsey, Doug" <Doug.Mccom...@ca.com>
Subject Question on protected property of nt:versionHistory's residual node
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 23:31:54 GMT
In section of jsr170-0.16.3-pfd.pdf (nt:versionHistory) on page 149, there are three
child node definitions. The first two are autocreated, mandatory and protected. The third
is a residual definition that is neither autocreated nor mandatory and therefore I feel it
should NOT be protected. In the spec, however, it is defined as protected.

Which is correct?

Note: This came up because I am failing the testResidualAndLegalType test (due to the protection)
in the CanAddChildNodeCallWithNodeTypeTest class. This test calls canAddChildNode on an nt:versionHistory
NodeType. Why isn't everybody failing this test?

Doug McComsey
Computer Associates

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