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From Florian Ried <FlorianR...@gmx.de>
Subject Implementing JSR-170 as EJB Application
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 17:34:40 GMT
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to implement a JSR-170 Content Repository as an EJB 
Application. This is a similar approach as described in JackRabbit 
Deployment Model 3 (Repository Server with RMI). My underlying data 
storage will be a Database. At the moment I am having a problem 
implementing the interfaces (e.g. javax.jcr.Repository), because their 
method signature doesn't comply with the restrictions given by the J2EE 
Specification. An example:

class RepositoryImplBean implements javax.ejb.SessionBean, 

    public String getDescriptor(String arg0){

interface RepositoryImpl extends javax.ejb.EJBObject, javax.jcr.Repository {

    public String getDescriptor(String arg0) throws RemoteException;


All methods in the (Remote-) interface RepositoryImpl have to throw 
RemoteExceptions (see J2EE Spec) but the interface javax.jcr.Repository 
doesn't define them. Are there any solutions for this problem? 
Recompling the javax.jcr.* Interfaces?

Why is the scenario of building a JCR-Server on top of a EJB Container 
not considered by the specification? Is the approach of building a JCR 
by using an EJB Container the right way?
Is it perhaps possible to use jackrabbit within an EJB-Container (with 
custom DB-Mapping)?

Thanks for your answers.


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