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From Felix Meschberger <Felix.Meschber...@day.com>
Subject Re: ObservationManager for JCR-RMI
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2005 12:23:38 GMT

> Very nice, thanks! I'll give it a go and commit your changes later 
> today. Some comments:


> - Were the project.xml formatting changes deliberate or just caused by 
> an XML tool?

They were caused by Mevenide/Eclipse. I fixed them by just adding the 
new dependency

> - You added concurrent and commons-logging as dependencies. If 
> possible, I'd like to find a ways to keep the dependencies at a 
> minimum (the Xerces dependency is a necessary evil). Logging is a 
> reasonable addition, but if there is a simple way to replace the 
> Concurrent classes with standard Java classes then I'd be happy to 
> make those changes.

Ok, I only used the Channel class from the concurrent library. So I 
implemented a simple replacement based on a LinkedList.

> - Some of the files contain a Day-specific copyright statement. Could 
> you please replace them with the Jackrabbit copyright header and 
> resend the patch? I cannot commit them as they are, and don't want to 
> go changing your copyrights. :-)

Oops, fixed.

> - Out of curiosity, did you think about solving the listener problem 
> by using a remote listener interface instead of the polling solution? 
> This was my initial idea but I never got around to trying it out for 
> real.

Yes my first approach was to try to implement it like this. But I could 
not find or imagine a way for the server placing an RMI call to the 
client without having to register an RMI object on the client side, as 
the mechanism of listeners is a call-back from server to client. I also 
consider this "back-connection" somewhat problematic.

> Overall I'm very happy with this addition. Observation support has 
> been on my mental TODO list for quite a while, and seeing it done is 
> good news indeed!

Great :-)

Attached is a patch which fixes the issues regarding the plugin.xml, 
copyright messages and the concurrent dependency.


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