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From Jukka Zitting <ju...@zitting.name>
Subject Re: JSR 170 for PHP
Date Thu, 16 Jun 2005 09:37:11 GMT

Attached is my (untested) API upgrade patch against the PHPCR 
interfaces. There are some interface renames and removals, so in 
addition to applying the patch you need to remove the following files:

     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170: BaseValue.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170: BinaryValue.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170: BooleanValue.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170: DateValue.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170: DoubleValue.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170: LongValue.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170/nodetype: ItemDef.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170/nodetype: NodeDef.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170/nodetype: PropertyDef.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170: PathValue.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170: ReferenceValue.php
     Only in phpcr-0.1.orig/php170: StringValue.php

My changes reflect most of the latest changes in the JCR spec, and 
contain _exact_ copies of the JCR javadocs. Even if the JCR spec license 
is compatible with the Apache License, I suppose we cannot just slap the 
AL on top of the PHP API. And given that, would there then be a problem 
in including the non-Apache licensed API in the Jackrabbit SVN repository?

Based on previous comments I am sure that we can work the licensing 
issue out, but I wouldn't want to go committing anything before there is 
a consensus on how to manage the licensing.

As the PHP port is a quite straightforward mapping from the Java API, it 
might in the extreme case be possible to use a semiautomated Java to PHP 
API conversion script instead of the full port.


Jukka Zitting

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