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From Serge Huber <shub...@jahia.com>
Subject Re: [Jackrabbit Wiki] Update of "PersistenceManagerFAQ" by edgarpoce
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2005 13:03:10 GMT
Edgar Poce wrote:

>>If they are not to most people tastes, maybe we should just remove them ?
>On the contrary, I'd like ORM PMs reach production status. I'd like to
>use a PM with transactional support, that's why I keep an eye on the
>status of your contribution.
Ok thanks, so it seems I was over-reacting a bit. As I said I'm under 
some pressure right now and I still want to do my best to contribute to 

>I better remove some lines from the wiki. And I ask you please to
>remove or add anything you consider, it's a wiki, right? ;)
Thanks... It's fine now :)


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