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From Jean-Michel Pittet <pit...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Questions on TCK test; testAddNodeRepositoryExceptionSaveOnNewNode
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 12:28:44 GMT
Hi Doug,

Thanks for downloading and running the TCK.

>     org.apache.jackrabbit.test.api.AddNodeTest
>     testAddNodeRepositoryExceptionSaveOnNewNode
> This test adds a new node and attempts to save it. It expects a
> RepositoryException. My implementation fails that test because my save
> succeeds and does not throw an exception.

Spec v.1.0 (page177):

    In order to save a newly added node, save must be called either on
the Session, or on the new node's parent or higher-order ancestor
(grandparent, etc.). An attempt to call save only on the newly added
node will throw a RepositoryException . In the context of this method
the relPath provided must not have an index on its final element. If
it does then a RepositoryException is thrown.

> 1. Why is an immediate save of a newly created node considered invalid?

The *parent* of the newly created node must first be saved, since the
addition of the node is considered an alteration to its parent.

> 2. What, if any, is the expected action between the creation of the node
> and the save?

see above

> 3. Where in the Jackrabbit code is this exception thrown?

Item.save throws this exception.

Here the test:
     * Creates new nodes using {@link Node#addNode(String)} and
     * {@link Node#addNode(String, String)}, then tries to call
     * {@link javax.jcr.Node#save()} on the new nodes. <br/><br/>
     * This should throw an {@link RepositoryException}.
    public void testAddNodeRepositoryExceptionSaveOnNewNode() throws
RepositoryException {
        // get default workspace test root node using superuser session
        Node defaultRootNode = (Node) superuser.getItem(testRootNode.getPath());

        // add a node
        Node testNode = defaultRootNode.addNode(nodeName1, testNodeType);
        Node testNode2 = defaultRootNode.addNode(nodeName2);

        try {
            // try to call save on newly created node
            fail("Calling Node.save() on a newly created node should
throw RepositoryException");
        } catch (RepositoryException e) {
            // ok, works as expected.
        try {
            // try to call save on newly created node
            fail("Calling Node.save() on a newly created node should
throw RepositoryException");
        } catch (RepositoryException e) {
            // ok, works as expected.


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