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From "Stefan Frank" <s.fr...@vierundsechzig.de>
Subject NodeTypes for Starters?!
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2005 13:08:40 GMT

I'm new to jackrabbit, played a little with magnolia and now want to get my
hands dirty with jackrabbit. I intend to use jackrabbit as a repository for
digital assets (images, movies in different formats, pdf ...) - it looks
like jcr is a perfect fit for this kind of application. After reading all
the documents I could find (there is not so much on jackrabbit...), I had my
"Hello World!"-experience (node.setProperty("hello", new
StringValue("World!"));) - now I want to go all the way. Is there some more
documentation somewhere, apart from the jcr-Specification? Up to now, I only
found what's on the incubation-website and a brief article on artima.com.

Being new to jackrabbit, of course I have lots of questions, eg. 

- how to define custom-node-types (some explanations on the
custom_nodetypes.xml would be nice...)
- what about lazy-loading (what do I get with a node.getNodes(), when each
nodes has child nodes - is that configurable?
- what about concurrency? I haven't seen any assumptions about transactional
behavior in the jcr - if i got it right, it is up to the repository to
ensure that no nodes are deleted by B to which A adds nodes?!

Any hints on even the most unfinished documentation would be highly
appreciated! (I'll try to write down what you throw at me and maybe will try
to compile some how-tos from it...)


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