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From <j.alkj...@gmail.com>
Subject EventListeners as "autoupdate"
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 14:22:31 GMT
Hi there 

How do I replicate the automatic update of a "Last Modified Date" property?

I can't seem to find a mixin type that will help me and I don't feel
like "extending" nt:resource (or is it mimeresouce!!) which seems to
be the only node type that does this.

I have tried to use an eventListener. I register a
"ModDateUpdateListener" upon login. This works nicely as long as there
is only one active session, since events generated in session X
triggers the listeners on all sessions (the noLocal flag when
registering the listener doesn't help here as that simply means that
session X doesn't receive the event itself)

Alternatively I could keep a workspace global session for this type of
listeners, but that seem quite klunky.

So what I'm after is either the magic nodetype that updates
last-modified-date or something like a workspace global listener pool

Thanks in advance


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