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From "Philippe Girolami" <philippe.girol...@digiplug.com>
Subject RE: Performance issues of using "object" repository rather than "orm"
Date Wed, 18 May 2005 09:32:51 GMT
Hi Stefan,

> i don't understand your question, sorry. the PersistenceManager
> (PM) is at the
> bottom layer in jackrabbit's architecture. the PM is responsible
> for persisting
> and loading NodeState and PropertyState objects, nothing more and nothing
> less. there are multiple PM implementations available in jackrabbit.
> the Object PM
> that you mentioned uses a primitive yet efficient homegrown
> filessytem-based
> serialization format whereas the ORM PM uses object relational
> database to persist
> the data.
Thanks for the sum-up, I'd gathered that much from looking at the source...
I didn't use the right words.

> now what is your question?
I am considering using JR in a new project and am looking at architectural
issues right now. The question is : should I use the default
filesystem-based PM or the database (OBJ/Hibernate) PM ? What is the
rationale for the database PM ? What performance/maintenance gains can I
expect ?

My assumption being that using lucene will ensure that queries are not run
in SQL, I am wondering why I should use a DB unless there are use-cases
where jackrabbit will traverse a huge amount of nodes... are there any ?

Is my question clearer or I am still not making sense ?


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