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From Sameer Charles <sameer.char...@obinary.com>
Subject Bug : workspace.copy does not copy binary properties properly
Date Tue, 10 May 2005 08:39:03 GMT
Workspace copy works fine for everything else but if you copy a 
hierarchy which contains binary properties
and remove the source after copying it removes the binary from "copied" 
newly created hierarchy as well.

How to reproduce:

1. create hierarchy with any type of nodes  - /site / en / image [Type 
2. create another hierarchy at different level - /site2
3. copy /site/en under /site2
-- till now everything is fine, its a proper copy and if you export xml 
out of these 2 hierarchies you will see that "image" is actually copied
4. now delete /site/en
5. you will see all other properties as copied before /site2/en... 
except binary.

are binary types are always referenced? even if you copy via workspace 

- Sameer

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